Bruce St Clair

Bruce St Clair

Bruce St Clair is the epitome of a child of the world. He was born in Italy, raised in Spain and pursued an art degree in Britain. Inspired by his studies, he decided to work as a production assistant in the world of commercial filmmaking and worked his way up the production ranks.

After those years of hard work, the son of an Adman and a Vogue stylist evolved to become one of the top European directors. Maybe it’s due to the way he can speak and collaborate with different cultures with his knowledge of several languages (English, Italian, Spanish and French), or how he honed his craft around the combination of live action and VFX techniques to create a natural style of his own.

What we know is that Bruce brings a unique international perspective to a strong story-driven style, has been rewarded for it by work with a variety of major global brands such as Mercedes, Coca-Cola, Nike, Ikea, Audi, Mc Donald’s, VW, Mini (to name a few), and honored by top international advertising awards including the Cannes Lions, Clios and D&AD.

Splitting his time now between Los Angeles and his adopted homeland of Spain, he continues to do what he loves and wants more!