Michael Lawrence

Michael Lawrence

A Buffalo native, Michael Lawrence began making his first films at the age of 15 before becoming an adventurer traveling the world, camera in hand, sleeping in people's homes, and exploring cultures and customs. His work is, above all, inspired by the truth of everyday life. Guided by his instinct and his feelings, he always prefers to portray a farmer in his fields, a family at home, and getting up before dawn to capture the first rays of the sun.

His films are visceral, immersive with an emotional rawness and intimacy that defies the expectations of advertising.

Multi-awarded for numerous projects, his Oakley film "It's OK" earned him the prestigious D&AD Yellow Pencil in cinematography and many other awards, confirming his status as one of the most talented Real /DOP of the moment.

Michael is currently working on various art projects, including a photographic series "Lost Along The Way" and a documentary "Contact" from a Malibu hill.

Michael Lawrence is, above all, a friend with whom we share, exchange, and give everything for a common passion.